fools challenge

By ladypop


Still chilly, frost this morning, brighter later, clouds and sunshine.

This morning I looked out of my window to see I was blocked in! The men laying the broadband fibre had put up 2 fences one across my drive and another down the middle of the road.  It turned out not to be a problem as the men moved them the first time I walked out and I did it myself on the way back, not as heavy as I feared:)  Spoke to my friend and another came round for coffee. Put a load of washing out on the line.
Walked up to the doctors to order a prescription, home I had some lunch and then walked to K's where we carried on with the gardening.  It's looking good but too early to put in the plants. Finished about 4.30 had a cup of tea and then walked round the fields home to get a blip.  As usual wasn't sure which to choose so you have an extra:)

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