By Zoemond

Nara day

So much stuff, so few words.

Nara has a lot of semi-tame deer (H took about a million pictures of them with my old camera) and shrines. And we had a perfect lunch in a pristine tourist cafe close to the massive 8th century Todai-ji temple (featuring the world's biggest buddha). I had a fried chicken set that included picked vegetables, la slice of omelette, rice, fried chicken, miso soup and finely chopped raw cabbage with dressing - if only food was this quality and served with so much care in Scotland.

We also saw a beautiful domestic building, formerly a monk's house, and latterly the home of Japanese photographer and all round artist Irie Taikichi until the 1990's. http://kyukyo.irietaikichi.jp/about.html

And then we went to Isui-en Garden, where this picture of a small outbuilding was taken. Extra showing the amazing detail from another wee outbuildings roof.

And so we didn't have much time for the rest of the city itself! Could stay there for a week but we sadly only had a day trip.

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