By Marik_i

A lovely day

My home was not religious, so we didn't go to church on holidays. Still the common ways and manners were respected and Good Friday was a 'quiet' day.
Thus I did not expect phone calls or text messages all day, and was more than surprised when an old friend telephoned. We spoke for almost an hour and a half. A little later an old fellow worker called, and had the good news that she had received a reply from thirteen (13) participants (all in the seventies) to the planned dinner two weeks from now. She telephoned shortly thereafter and sent pictures of the chosen restaurant. Then, of course, we spoke for almost an hour.

In the afternoon my good friend, the one who has had goats, but not anymore, sent a picture of a shadow that the branches of an old tree formed on the barn wall - a vivid image of a goat! I wish I could borrow her picture. I must admit that anything can happen on a dark church holiday even though one is not a believer. : )

And I must add to the above that my good friend from the central regions of our country sent lovely pictures of her tiny Shih tzu trudging in deep, three feet of snow.

The above is a description of yesterday, the Good Friday, but the memory is so vivid that it even colors this day, a bland Saturday, when I have not received one single call or text message.  :-(

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