David J. Rose

By djrose007

Just think. This, could be you!

Yes, it could really be you, if you joined the Royal British Legion Riders Branch and attended an event with strong gusts of wind.
You could be the hero that stands holding the Gazebo leg to stop the wind rolling the whole thing over! Then someone suggested I use my camping chair and actually sit in front of the leg with my back to it. That worked, and it was more comfortable too!
Maybe it's not the best way you'd like to spend the day but there was also time to browse around the 'Coleford Carnival of Transport' to look at the cars, tractors, motorbikes, various guises of Land Rovers, trucks, coaches, steam engines/rollers, etc. all of them vintage and modern.
Couple of extras, one was my favourite car of the day, Ford Thunderbird and also one of only two Volkswagens that had any style to them, the VW Karmenn in stunning blue. I spent some time talking to the owner of the Karmenn and he told me that when the Karmann production finished the same production line was used to make the VW Scirocco, which is the only other VW that had any style at all (in my opinion anyway!). They both happened to be parked right by our stand next to each other.
It was a good day despite the very wet journey there, about 45 minutes, which got the bike really good and filthy. I bought a window cleaner spray to clean the bike off, I already had microfibre cloths. Why window cleaner? I thought that at least I could take it home to be useful afterwards.

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