Deeply Superficial

By chrwonstie

Brave New Farms

One photo a day for my highly erratic mind? This will be interesting; exercising decision and learning instead how to be saturated by fast-moving change. This image is appropriate to signify the start of my photo journal and my sketchbook as the first doodle I've done in years that had any meaning. What ever happened to feeling and being wide-eyed for life, rather than jumping from moment to moment, photo dump moments to the next photo dump excursion? Its not living if you are fighting your passions off. It turns out choice is not easy, rather the choice to live with passion and drunkenness for one sole purpose is the narrow path. Today is a Philippians 2:12-13 day. Victory is more than a thought or a passing feeling, it is a prolonged mood, an eternal injection of ecstasy; more than just doing, but an attitude of thinking that is only exhausting when you are pining for something else other than it.

Walking to Listen: true learning is a slow and sluggish pilgrimage of the mild and mundane sounds of heaven exploding in your ear.

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