Low Park, Bingley St Ives

I set out to Bingley again this morning, this time with the big camera, to try and blip the goosander and her young on the river. Sadly, although I walked along to the bridge in Bingley and then back to the other bridge I saw just two mallards. It was quite blustery and I wonder if she had decided to take shelter.

On my way down through St Ives Estate I spotted one of my favourite trees caught in the sun between the showers and here it is, with the farmer coming to check on his Belted Galloways. We do live in a lovely place. From here you can see across the valley to Cottingley Woods where we sometimes walk up to the Ferrand Folly. To the left of the tree just below the skyline is pretty much where I head out on my bike up Bents Lane to school three days a week. And if you look in large you can just about see the viaduct which is a regular blip.

When I cross the road and head down into Myrtle Park, this is the path I take. It is looking (and smelling!) particularly pretty just now with the wild garlic and the bluebells.

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