River Aire at Bingley

We kidnapped Corinthian in broad daylight off the street this morning. Tony was on the milk run to Bingley (very thick porridge for breakfast) so I decided to hitch a lift with him to try again to blip the goosander and ducklings down on the river. As we left the house Tony spotted a blipper blipping further up the street (the cheek of it!) Anyway it turned out to be Corinthian so we bundled her in the car and forced her to come and look for goosanders. Sadly, despite the lovely weather, the goosander was nowhere to be seen on the river so we headed home and tossed Corinthian out at the post office safely into the arms of hubby R who happened to be in there. I don't think he had noticed she had been missing!

So a blip of the goosanderless river will have to suffice!

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