Rain Stopped Play

This morning we thankfully arrived at the orienteering event in Jennyfields, north of Harrogate, just after a heavy shower had gone through and then we managed to finish just as the first drops of the next downpour arrived..phew. I enjoyed my run out, especially as I pulled out from Parkrunning yesterday due to earache....which I think is more to do with one side of my head being full of gloop. I made one daft error which will have cost me placings and two interesting route choices through a fast flowing stream and brambles which did lacerating things to my arms and legs. One of the two women I managed to catch and overtake, despite my foray into the bush and water, congratulated me on my route choice (!) I didn't tell her it was down to not noticing the paths which nicely avoided both obstacles! I think you will enjoy that Kiteseeker (well done on your result!) and Sheila.

Anyway I received a surprise toblerone for wearing yellow, yes you guessed it you have to prise me out of my Grand Depart jersey at present.

Back home and bacon sandwich and bath later, I cleared up some of the rubble from the pointing work Russell is doing for us at the moment (following the discovery of damp in Becky's room) and then went out in search of a blip. I did blip the village cricket team not playing cricket (hence my title) - enjoying a beer instead in their pavilion but as the heavens opened once again when I got down into the village, I took shelter under one of our grand trees and blipped this poor horse getting very wet. You need to look in large to see the rain!

By the time I reached home I needed another change of clothes and bath, but Tony is baking a chocolate cake as I write and I've had a cappucino so I'm feeling warm and cosy now...

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