Blowing In The Wind

Today has been a little outside of my control (again). I made it to work in the dry - which is good given the forecast. A problem that a supplier has had for several days now seems to be fixed. A second supplier who refused point blank to do what I suggested has now proposed at a meeting to do exactly what we told them to do in the first place - amazing how people shift their position when VPs get involved.

On my way home it decided to rain on me. My coat and brolly kept the worst of the rain off but the wind did drive it into the bottom of my trousers. When I arrived home I discovered that the wind has ripped the felt off the shedlf - so that's a job for the weekend...

I didn't blip anything on my way to or from work today so today's blip is a poor little petal that has been ripped off it's flower by the wind and is now attached to a window in the living room.

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