May Daisy

Yesterday was warm, dry and not very windy so it was an ideal day to fix the shed roof that disintegrated yesterday. I knew it needed re-felting I didn't know it needed doing that urgently.

I pottered around in the garden for a while taking pictures while my better half did some shopping in the village. This blip is a daisy that I deliberately didn't mow last week - the dandelions were not so lucky...

We then went into town to get rid of a load of rubbish from the insulation project last week. Then it was the DIY store to get felt, glue and clout nails, and finally the supermarket to get provisions for the week. I then spent several hours on the garage roof ripping the roof of the adjacent shed and re-felting it. Flushed with success at re-felting the shed I then had a go at using glaziers putty to re-seal the windows of the shed which had long since lost their putty. Neither jobs are perfectly done, but for a first go I'm quite pleased with the result.

Today is to check on our orchard and add some manure to the trees to keep them fertilised as they are in pretty poor chalk soils...

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