Poppy in the sun

After letting breakfast settle we went for a quick bike ride round the village, a figure of eight loop with two long climbs and two down hills. One section was new to me and the second is one I've not done in a long while, so the change was very nice.

On our return I took some more pictures of our wildflower lawn, of which this poppy blip is on the edge of.

After a quick wash and brush we went out to the memorial service of a recently departed friend. While it's never nice to lose a good friend, it was heart-warming to see so many people there - it seemed that half of the village was there, plus half of the rest of the county.

On our return I've spent another few hours tagging and organising my photos. They are only about 25% tagged and organised and I keep changing the tagging structure, but at least things are moving in the right direction..!

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