Orleans Reinette

Today we went to our orchard to put a ring of horse manure round each tree and remove any weeds from the base of our trees. It was glorious sunshine and very warm work but the trees were all doing very well - the deer hadn't munched them this winter - and they will be very happy now we've given them a feed and got rid of the greedy weeds.

All but the late apples were in full bloom and I took several pictures of the blossom. I picked this from the Orleans Reinette as it was the prettiest and the best picture.

We then checked on the community orchard we helped to plant and there too the trees were looking good and all but the late varieties were in full bloom. Some of the early varieties have already dropped their petals and are now making fruit!

As well as various garden things I also helped a friend get USB to work on Virtualbox, so he a virtual client system can access the USB devices of the physical host system. It's pretty easy to do but not automatic and you just need to manually check a few settings and then it works like a dream.

The roof I put on the shed was still there this morning - which is good and the peacocks have already moved in and were happy to sit on it this afternoon. I know the glue instructions suggests you add weight to make sure it's all stuck down but I don't think they mean get a large blue chicken to sit or your shed sunning himself!

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