I went out to visit a friend for coffee this morning, not having seen her for a while, and had a good time chatting and catching up with her.  When I got back, and after my lunch, I must admit, I had a little snooze in my chair - because I can!  

I was woken by the doorbell ringing and when I answered it, was handed a box, inside which was this beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bottle of Prosecco, some of my favourite Lindt chocolates and a little teddy bear - one more to join the ever-growing Silly Saturday Gang!  I must confess that when I read the card, it brought tears to my eyes - so a HUGE THANK YOU to the senders - you know who you are - you have lifted my spirits and brought a smile to my face at just the right time!  

Now all I need to do is think of a name for the dear little teddy bear - I have to say that “Prosecco” is high on the list at the moment.

This old English word sums it all up - receiving these beautiful flowers was certainly this for me today:

A sudden and unexpected fortuitous event. Coined in 1944 by JRR Tolkien, who defined it as ‘the sudden happy turn in a story which pierces you with a joy that brings tears’.

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