Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

That's What You Get

Absolutely chuffing brilliant day today! Rich, Phil & I were off to see Paramore this evening, and as luck would have it, this weekend was Brum Brew Fest, so we decided to meet up in the afternoon for a little trip around a few bars to sample some beers. We kept sharing bevvies and I think my favourite was Niche Peach Connoisseur 5000 from Sudden Death Brewing; an imperial peach sour that was thick, juicy, and dangerously drinkable! After dinner at Wildwood, we headed to the Arena to catch Bloc Party supporting Paramore, as both Phil & I are fans. They were great; I haven't seen them live for ages but they always put on an excellent show. Paramore were, as expected, absolutely flippin' phenomenal. Sadly after about 4 songs my stomach decided to rebel against life and I ended up missing about 3.5 songs throughout the show, but otherwise it was completely amazing. Got a tad soaked on the way home though...

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