By Adda

Hyderabad - New Delhi

What happens when you have something really exciting planned for the morning? Well, I get up every now and then at night and check the time. That's exactly what happened last night and when I got tired of this cyclic ritual of getting up and going back to sleep, I decided to leave the bed for good.
A few hours later, I was getting off the flight in Delhi. We (I and a friend-cum-fellow rider, Sri) had a few hours to kill before we board our bus on a 13-hour long journey to the base camp. By accident, we found ourselves inside a restaurant. It was a gastronomical treat. I was not sure which was better - the food or the service. As soon as we took our seat at an empty table, a traditionally dressed young man greeted us with a traditional brass decanter and helped us wash our hands. A huge round plate with small bowls followed. And then an array of pickles, dips and condiments. The meal was quite elaborate with a variety of breads, curries, salads, sherbets and sweets. I hogged like anything - the stomach was saying no but the tongue craved for more. At the end of a delicious super-sumptuous meal, the young man came back with the decanter and helped us wash our hands again. When we checked the time after paying up and leaving the restaurant, we realized that all this was done in just 15 minutes flat. I was amazed even more. This place is highly recommended and if anyone is visiting Delhi, do visit hotel Rajdhani in Connaught Place (near Palika bazar).


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