ALL about ME..for now

By Mobius

Twin Flame

..Mrs M

Taken 4 years ago. She was very tired and frazzled tonight as usual so had to make do with this. I just wished to honour her today for being the loving, fun, caring, principled, often under-confident, but very able professionally and in other ways. A very incisive commanding and impressive advocate (I've witnessed); she can be overly, feisty, emotional and unreasonable at times at home but it's all an integral part of the woman I love, more deeply with every year.

A very able ex-colleague and friend has successfully negotiated a large settlement from their ex-employer, including the right to speak to the governing board. Mrs M has agreed to accompany and support them as their nominated person at the meeting.

Leafleting and Canvassing
Overdid it today on my first allocated leaflet drop. I spent much time talking to the people that were in as increases effectiveness, bur ended up being out for over 3 hours. Exhausted and with increased pain, at Mrs  Ms sensible insistence I'll have a rest day tomorrow at least. Enjoyable at the time and with many positive vibes, so a satisfying trip in that respect.

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