A day in the life

By Shelling

Garden thoughts

A day off, is what I've arranged for myself this lovely spring day. It's not very warm but out of the wind in the sun, the climate is very agreeable. After some sound-file work from yesterdays recording and then some shopping and morning coffee in a friends garden I continued my aimless walks through my garden-to-be, looking for inspiration on where to put new plants. The aim is to get a nice mixture of wild and tame garden-spots. The current situation is that I have a wonderful wild garden with flowers of the season and then I have quite a lot of weed-space where there could be berry-bushes, spices, vegetables and perennial flowers of my liking. 

I took a random photo of the ground at my feet in the wild part of my garden. I'm not a botanist, not in the slightest, when I look at this picture I could name around five or six species in there. A botanist would find many more, counting grass types, twigs and leaves. Other specialists in the micro organism realm could name thousands of possible organisms in the same space. That kind of vegetation makes me bow my head in admiration of natures way of cooperation to find the best conditions for their life and reproduction and to support or fight each others space in order to survive. I don't believe any of them grows there primarily to give me pleasure.
I get the feeling gardening will take its time.

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