Out and About

By Puffin

St Francis PW#12

Today Mr P walked from Bellingham to Byrness 25km .  I picked him up outside this delightful little church. Seeing the door open, I ventured inside. I was welcomed in by the lady vicar who insisted  I wait for her to set up the altar for tomorrow's monthly service so that I could admire that handiwork  of the local ladies See extra, it is certainly a work of art.
I had spent the day exploring local villages, Bellingham,  Otterburn and the medieval village of Elsdon.  A collage of the most notable curiosities attached.
A:- Winter's gibbet in Elsdon, a rather creepy hangman's noose in the middle of the moor, currently sporting a flag offering solidarity with Ukraine
B:- Percy's Cross marking the battle of Otterburn, between the Scots and the English in 1388 - there were a lot of similar battles round here
C:- the charming stone church to St Cuthbert in Bellingham with a stone roof because the parishioners got fed up with the wooden roof supports being burned by the Border Reivers
D:- some empty old stone coffins outside another church to St Cuthbert  - this one is in Elsdon. I noticed the coffins had drain holes- very practical. 

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