Sleeping cat

I woke up really early and when I did get up it was really sunny outside. I had time to do some personal admin stuff before I headed east, though the departure from the normal routine meant I left my laptop charger and my mug 

The weather deteriorated as I went West and during the day the temperature dropped. Where is spring? There were only 3 of us in today, plus the 2 new staff, our 2 new admin.

I spent the morning starting their induction and this afternoon handing over accounts stuff to Ccas well as few other emails. 

And I left in time at 4.35, a first. Did some necessary for shipping at Straiton and then had a quiet evening, not working though I did sort out the chimney question. Watched Clive Kyrie in Italy and then later on the 10 o'clock news. He does get around. 

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