By treegonk

Casting into the sun

Day three - fishing trip to the River Dee.

You can't fish for salmon on a Sunday in Scotland. A throw back to days when religion played a part in everything. It gives the fish and the fishermen a rest though.

So we played golf in Ballater in the four seasons weather - gale force winds, rain and hail, then brilliant warm sunshine and stillness - alternate every ten minutes and repeat.

In the evening we took a boat out on a small trout loch in a fantastic location for a relaxing evening's fishing. (can't keep away from it for a whole day). Three of us caught about 6 trout between us and went back for late night poker and lamb chops.

Perfect day. (apart from the no salmon fishing) (I'm so glad I don't have a wife nagging me and telling me to stop doing all these fun things!)

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