By biddy

Copper Beech leaves in the sunshine.

First of all, Thankyou so much for all of you who have left comments or just popped by to look at my photos of our lovely two day break in London,
Kew Gardens has always been somewhere I wanted to visit.
The hotel was very comfortable and we used the buses from there to get to our destination.
Our over 60’s bus passes are valid anywhere in the country!
Now we are back at home we had a walk after lunch, in Sutton Park
It was very quiet as we got to the Bistro. Not many people around.
The threatened rain didn’t arrive and it was warm in the sunshine.
Although at one point to the west, we could see looming inky clouds.
A loud thunder crack startled those of us who were having a coffee after our circuit, but nothing else happened after that, when we thought there might be a downpour.
I loved the sunlight shining through the leaves of this Copper Beech tree.
Leaves which have newly unfurled.
I will be looking at your blips later.
It’s now time for tea.

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