Blippish Columbia

By OllieG99


React - Jurrasic 5

I'm a huge J5 fan. There is nothing better than well constructed hip hop which isn't completely mysogenistic and covered in indescreet references to homophobia, penis size and amount of money earned. As Scroobius Pip put it 'Guns Bitches and Bling were never part of the 4 elements. And never will be'

React is a fairly difficult concept to photograph I think, so credit to Natalia for the idea for this. Originally we were going to do a superman-esque floor punch and have me being scattered by the sheer force, but I thought this came out much better!


Exam - So glad its over. Think it went well. 1 more to go!
Frisbee - nothing like running around in the sunshine
Drinks with Beckie to catch up on life.

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