Blippish Columbia

By OllieG99

So Beautiful

So Beautiful - Dashboard Confessional

So this isnt exactly what I was going for. Well, it was but I don;t think I exectued it very well. The issue with the word Beautiful is that everyone has their own idea of beauty. I could have gone for a flower or a sunset or something, or a picture of my beautiful baby cousin who manages to charm even the most anti-baby people I know. But instead I thought I'd do a macro of my eye and do a "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' idea.
There is one issue with this... its bloody hard to do to yourself! My macro lens wont autofocus for some reason at the moment, I was having major issues getting far enough away from the 50mm and my point and shoot completely whites out your face with its flash. So I used my iphone and then edited the hell out of it on aperture. I'm reasonably happy with it but it would have been much more fun to do with someone else's eye and getting more detail. Just like Flashead's recent eye shot. Next time!


Revision - exam tomorrow. Eek

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