Keith B

By keibr

A practical picture today

It started with changing the main battery in the camper; the one that starts the motor amongst other tasks, see extra.  Technically, this was simple but as always problems appeared. The "quick release" battery connection took 35 minutes to get off the old battery! 
The battery is under the floor, beneath the steering wheel, fairly easy to get at, but not an easy spot to do heavy lifting... The battery weighs almost 20 kilos. But the job got done and it was a good moment when I started the motor with the new battery.
I spent the rest of the day figuring out how to remove the passenger seat and get at the leisure battery. It took some intensive consultation with Ducato discussion forums and YouTube before I had collected the info I needed. Even then there turned out to be two hidden nuts under the seat that no-one anywhere had mentioned!
I took a series of photos to remind me how to do this next time, which tools I needed, where all the bolts and nuts are. This is one of those pictures - 3 allen key fastenings on this side of the seat! More a practical picture today!

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