My day

By 59

Japanese Maple

…in the front garden. Behind it is a plane tree ready to drop 1,000,000 leaves. 

After battling with the telco for about 12 hours yesterday (only wanted to recharge a SIM card for while we are away) we made the obvious choice to delay our start by another day. I’m not sure of the outcome as I’m not game to ask. Ha ha. I was quite pleased as it gave me a day to visit the neighbour and do some gardening. I’m almost ready except for the last minute things that need packing. I wonder where we will be tomorrow night. I’ll see if blip will allow me to upload a screen shot of our possible route. 

I made some vegetable soup with a heap of things that I can’t leave behind and maybe can’t take across quarantine borders. There are quite a few around and they are all different, trying to stop the spread of plant and bee viruses. I don’t mind at all but want to do the right thing and I don’t like waste. 

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