Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse


Overwhelmed by the number of photos I took (182) when I was on my special holiday trip, but also by the simply amazing time I had! The main image was taken on the edge of the lake near our hotel.

My son had arranged the whole trip to France in a beautiful lakeside area called Menthon Saint-Bernard, simply called 'Menthon'. We stayed in a very lovely hotel which served delicious food and was situated on the lake, with the forest in the background.

On Sunday 14th May, we celebrated Mother's Day with my daughter, my son and grandson. Then my son and I drove to France, about one and a half hours' away, to stay in Menthon. My birthday was on the 15th and I was celebrated with a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to my room, birthday cards from my children, a massage called Lomi Lomi and delicious meals!  It was all wonderful!

- the hotel
- the view from my room
- the rhododendrons just everywhere on the grounds
- the pink tinted sky and lake at 5 am on the day of our departure.

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