Late Sailing

Out on the paddleboard again today, 3rd day in a row on the water and today it was in kayak mode with the seat clipped on and a double-ended paddle. This was about 9.30PM looking north-west from off the coast at Whitesands beach south of Dunbar. Left to right Dunbar, North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock.

Bog Bobbing About. (The map link is correct by the way! A fair bit off-shore.)

I spent the entire day ripping the garden to pieces. Starting with a saw, I then spent 8 hours with the strimmer. Just as I finished the last blade of grass poking out between paving slabs, the strimmer strimmed its last strim. It will strim no more, it is an ex-strimmer. Job done though.

So, it was great to cycle along with the board rolled up in my bike trailer and stop off to see The Family Euphemist for a cup of tea before jumping in the sea about 9PM. And relax. Wonderful.

I met bloke touring Scotland in his camper van for his 60th birthday. Pete had taken a month to himself and he's been all round, up mountains and round islands. He's very fit and has his bikes with him. He said the nicest thing - "I've met loads of people like you - people doing things! All of you have a can-do attitude and just get out there. Brilliant!"

What a pleasure. What a great day.

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