By davidc

"I'm sure there was one more a moment ago...!"

Being a parent of this many youngsters must be a nightmare! Especially when every now and them one pops under the water for a moment. However I think this parent is actually very proud of her brood, and I must say they're rather lovely. Seen at Killingworth Lake this morning.

The coots whom we observed having a bit of hanky panky a few weeks ago seem to have successfully produced at least two babies: you can see them in the extra where one succeeds in getting first taste of the weed which Dad is offering them. In some previous years we've seen up to 6 chicks being raised at this nesting site but I guess two is better than none. Elsewhere on the lake there's another pair of coot parents with two or three rather older chicks. but they were a bit far away for a good shot even with a long lens, as were the Crested Grebe chicks.

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