Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Blue cheeks hopalong

I am off theme with Mr Grassy Blue Cheeks here but it's the only macro shot I got today.  I was looking for a musical box I have and have put in a very safe place.  So safe I couldn't find it so please excuse me H0tamer.

Maggy and I visited the hospital today.  A patient was outside reception arguing with about six medical staff.  They took one look at me and Maggy and said "you've come just at the right time".   So we went over to T who told us all about his breeding and showing of Cocker Spaniels, meanwhile, giving Maggy good pats and cuddles.   5 of the staff departed.   At the end of 5 minutes he seemed to have calmed down and even suggested we better get going as we had other patients to see.  Good job Maggy!!!   I don't visit the Children's ward but the dogs have the same effect on recalcitrant children who are screaming about getting a procedure to the point the staff are thinking of anaesthetic.  A therapy dog is better than any anaesthetic I can assure you.  While distracted, the procedure is done, the child none the wiser.

Two walks for Maggy and Pi today and they are both out to it now.  I am going to have an early night so will catch you in the morning and many thanks for your love on yesterdays.

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