My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Definitely a cake day

Not the way I expected the day to pan out. With Louisa away in London for a couple of days I was back to dropping Owen off at nursery in the morning before work. If made it nearly as far as Chirk before a call from nursery to say Owen had a temperature and could I come and pick him up. Luckily I'd not quite made it to the bridge and so swung round at the roundabout, heading back, and making a couple of phone calls on the way. 

Not too much planned today and I managed to do some work while keeping an eye on him*. He's obviously not quite right but also not ill either so we opted for some cake making* in preparation for a boys 'film' night that consisted of a Kung Fu Panda short film. Fingers crossed he'll be more himself tomorrow although won't be allowed to go back to nursery until Thursday. 

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