My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Volcanic sand

Still not quite right and not even allowed back to nursery today because of yesterday's temperature. Owen was really good this morning as I had a couple of meetings so we tried to make the most of the afternoon by taking a bit of TOIL and going over to Blists Hill.

He wasn't very enamoured with the village and shops but was a least a bit interested, despite them only having black vanilla ice cream at the café.
I managed to convince him to try the outdoor play before home and he -obviously- loved it. Particularly the black sand (to look like coal?) and moving it around using the buckets. I liked the picture of him running through the building* but this was Owen's choice. The only way I managed to get him to leave was by promise of an ice cream from Ironbridge on the way home...thankfully they had some white vanilla. 

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