Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche

Saubrunnen and Boy with Piglet

This fountain is called Saubrunnen and it has been blipped several times. 
Saubrunnen means "Pig Fountain": It is a symbol for the old civil right of driving your hogs to the forest for mast.
It's official name is "Albrechtbrunnen". It's from 1890. The sculpture "Boy with Piglet" was added in 1911.
As always when I blip it I was coming from a meeting  at our vocational center (again) and was hoping to see the fountain with the water running on the walk back to the train station. When we drove up to the meeting (got a lift by a colleague) some city workers were cleaning it or whatever they were doing. But no, no luck. Perhaps something broken.

19:35; 20°C

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