By Cheeryoscuro

Stepping Out

A bright and sunny day here today. My colleague Dolores, who will replace me when I retire at the end of June had her first day down in Skibbereen today and we headed out to Sherkin island for the morning.
The Irish navy did an appropriate 21 gun salute as I passed on my last work-related visit to the island (first extra). Dolores got a great introduction as we happened on a coffee morning with some of the Ukrainian people on the island and had a very nice half hour with them. 
Bumped into Sue, our former librarian on the island, she's in the second extra, struggling up the slipway with a large box her husband forgot on the ferry a few days back and which the crew persuaded her to take. Back in Skibbereen later, for a few more mundane hours. Then an early finish to see the doc and get a jab in my knee which is giving me gip again. Bought a nice bottle of wine on the way home though..
High Llamas

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