Leave Our Fish Alone!

Half day today. I had my appointment at the hospital with the oral-facial surgeon to look at my wisdom teeth. I'm in no rush to have them removed but the pain last year was pretty bad I'm in no rush to go through it again. The local hospital was useless in that way only the NHS can be. Both my parents worked in the NHS for many years and while I'm a staunch supporter of the NHS, it is impressively disorganised...

Anyhow after my appointment I went into town for a little window shopping before going into work. Work was dull today - mostly picking up small other things not much of my own work to do.

Just before leaving I heard someone mention a heron, and sure enough on the roof of our building was a heron lining up our gold fish. Previously a heron emptied the pond at work of fish and the landlord restocked it with some netting over to keep the heron out and we've not seen a heron for some years now. It's not the best picture - through a double glazed window and from about 30 metres away - it's just okay. A grey bird on a grey day...

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