The second half of life..

By twigs

Merv rescue

My preferred vege outlet only opens once a week so, despite not feeling great, I headed out there with the intention of being very careful to maintain distance from other shoppers.  That was the goal at least, but the place was heaving with people and queues were 12 to 15 deep!  Fortunately, the shopping 'trolleys' they provide - garden wheelbarrows! (extras) - are large enough to maintain distance easily.  

Came home and began to set up the bird feeding station for the winter and as I began the set up I heard a tui nearby, almost as if he'd seen me setting up 'his' feed station and was queueing to be first in his line!  Sadly, he'll have to wait a little while longer as it's not finished :(  As I was scooting around the section finding bits and pieces to set it up though I did find this poor wee chap hanging from a partially collapsed spider web.  Mantises are one of my favourite garden bugs so of course, I made an attempt to rescue him.  He wasn't very co-operative and the web was very sticky so although I freed a few of his legs I didn't manage to free his antennae and one of his front legs.  Sadly, I don't hold much hope for his survival but I think I've given him a better chance than he had hanging from the web.  

Was going to go to a local inter-camera-club challenge day tomorrow but as my cold has really started to ramp up this evening, I've withdrawn.  Tui may get his feed station tomorrow afterall!

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