By Missycat

It's Abstract Thursday!

It's Abstract Thursday and I have completely failed to follow our host Ingeborg's theme of 'Landscape'.  Yesterday Violet and I had our first go at marbling and it wasn't entirely successful but as Violet says we did try and we have learned something - that the technique does not work well on anything but a matt surface.  I had decided that today I would photograph the result (matt side) and make an abstract picture from it, so here it is.
In other news:  Mr MC had injections into both hips today as he has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis but is not yet anywhere near a hip replacement.  Mr MC's brother kindly  took him to the hospital and some hours later I picked him up after the effects of the sedation had worn off.  This evening we enjoyed a delicious Turkish meal with Mr MC's brother and sister and their spouses.  Mr MC was more than ready to eat as the sedation required starving beforehand.

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