Reikes small life...

By Reike

Living in a fairytale

Currently, I seem to have stumbled upon a pot of gold. Not gold as such (which would be nice, too, for paying Farina's vet bills), but so much luck in life. I am suspicious how long this will last, but I will make the best of it as long as everything feels so great! 

Hack with funny Boy in the morning, and a more than wonderful walk with Willow in the afternoon. He is so trustful, sweet, and cuddly. 

I have him a week now and already jumped on him without saddle and only the knot halter ;) (that's the Pippi Longstockings in me). 

We checked out a little waterfall together with Djeili and that scene will stay forever in my heart. If this is a dream, please, nobody wake me up ever. 

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