I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... Minsi Lake kayak.

Today was the most perfect day for kayaking!  The was plenty of sunshine, no wind and nice warm temps!  So it was off to Minsi Lake for a paddle.

We had a wonderful time on the lake seeing all matter of things.  But the most impressive was seeing a couple of osprey flying over the lake.  Some directly over our heads!  And we even saw one diving and coming up with a fish ... poor fish!  We were at some distance to the action but I wanted to include one of my shots in this collage.  It's been cropped down quite a bit but you can still see the shape of the fish ... which looks like it could be a catfish. 

The family in the canoe were starting out at the same time as us and funny enough were coming in at the same time!  

Please have a look full screen.

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