Musing of a Lady

By Inkstainedhands

A Boy and His Puppet

I can't quite believe how fast the last few weeks have passed. We've been back in the UK for 19 days, and Little Man's walking has taken off. He'll only really crawl now when he's exhausted. I had hoped he'd fall asleep in his pushchair when we went for a walk, but it didn't happen. So we've taken him up to bed earlier than normal.

Here we have Little Man pushing the scooter that belonged to my siblings and me, in Africa, and Caesar, Hubby's puppet. Little Man loves Caesar. He'll happily pick him up and walk around with him. He found it really funny when I put Caesar on the scooter and started pushing it up and down the garden path. He wanted to do the same, which I had to photograph and share with you. Life with this boy is so much fun and so rewarding!

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