gigli bianchi


Backblipping this image of my Aunt Naty's white lilies. 
*Aunt Naty is the one without glasses and with the bigger smile in last year's blip. 

Blipping this flower instead of this self-portrait in VERO since T remembers Fridays as "Funeral Friday." We attended his cousin's internment on a Friday (still always amazed how his brain remembers details like that). Carmela is one of Lola Naty's grand daughter from her firstborn (Kuya Mark) and was one of the last kids T played his Monopoly set with during summer vacation. 

Strava Day 727++ on VERO

B left for Manila on this day to meet with family coming home briefly from the US and have one of his lenses cleaned. Hopefully he gets back home on schedule. 

T is quite a _____ and his phone has given up. Immensely grateful to both my parents who help me deal with T and assist with completing his modules on time. 

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