Maths and history

This view from a station platform at Waterloo East contains, I think, every shape I ever had to do anything with in maths - except hexagons.

I've also been delving into history these last two days. Yesterday evening, a bit back down the track from here, I was with my mum in the house I grew up in, on what would have been my dad's 90th birthday. Today, just over the bridge from here, I met up with my best friend from when we were 5. As young teenagers we were inseparable: if she was at mine at the end of the day I'd walk her the mile home to hers, then she'd walk me the mile home to mine then I'd walk her the mile home to hers... We've stayed in touch ever since but haven't met for a few years. After the easy and fun chatting today I can't imagine why not.

For old times' sake she came with me on the underground to the station where I catch my train home before heading back in the direction she needed to go.

I saw a new and sad sight on the way home - the beautiful curved cooling towers of Didcot power station were soaked in rain. I hadn't thought about it before but I suppose that until they were decommissioned in March the warmth must have kept them dry whatever the weather. But now they are dying. Demolition starts later in the year. Here's a similar view, also from a speeding train, almost six months ago when they were still working.

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