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Singing while Cutting?

A visit to Dorchester today to collect my 10-year old Nighthawk Citizen Eco Drive watch.  It cost £70 for a new crystal/glass (or whatever the term is), but it looks so much better without the grazes and scratches.  It's the sort of watch that has a circular slide rule on the bezel, and can give you the time in all 24 time zones, but it's titanium, is quite small and is very accurate.  Oh and it needs no battery replacement.

It feels like a new watch.

I also visited Dorchester Car Radios to see about extending the life of my 2016 BMW's iDrive: Apple CarPlay would be useful, particularly as the car's comms rely on the 3G network which will abandoned before too long.  A patch box by Integrated Automotive will do the trick . . .

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