School Sports Day...

Today was another wee saunter day. This time it was Dollar Glen. Looked like a nice wee walk as a come down from the last couple of days. It went straight up... Bit of an exaggeration but it was steep. We got up to Castle Campbell, had a wee scout around there then came back down via rafts and rafts of wild garlic from which was pocketed a few leaves for dinner.

We got back home just in time for me to head along to catch the rather well executed Sports day with the kids. They were split into mixed teams and around 10 events were spread around the outside of an area. Five minutes in each event accumulating points for throws foam javelins, hurdling, scoring goals and other such activities. The bell rings and all the teams move round one activity until everyone has done everything.

Ewan's team, the elves, came third and Bethany and the unicorns came fourth.

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