By Incredibish

A Room with a View

Ok, so for twenty three and a half of the past twenty four hours my view has probably been of the white ceiling in my isolation bedroom... still, on the fairly regular if slightly unsteady staggers to the bathroom I do get a moment to peer out at what the rest of the world is enjoying.

Plenty of big thunderclaps again today, which is another disappointment because I do love to stand out in the storms and cry Hail Taranis! :-)

The shingle blisters are increasingly moving towards some kind of nasty explosion, and half of me resembles a medieval plague victim. I've managed not to scratch even once so far, because well I know how that will end...

Although it's looking ever worse it doesn't appear to be spreading any further. I guess the drugs have halted the advance but the life cycle must run its sequence. Anyone offering to do remote healing, yell out!

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