Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


The small amount of rain we had on Sunday evening  hasn’t really done much for the garden, although as Mr. HCB says, at least it filled the water butts.

I thought as it was Wide Wednesday, I would do a pano shot in the garden but as my legs have been rather sore this morning, I put a chair just outside the conservatory, so that I could at least lean on that - being sensible for once!  However, as the theme is “Rock and stones”, Mr. HCB felt that with the slate pieces in the right foreground, I was “almost there”!

Our garden is quite a lot bigger than this, and goes right round to the left, where Mr. HCB has all his raised beds, many of which are now planted with beans, peas, dahlias and courgettes and soon to be planted, chrysanthemums.  You can also see that the grass is still growing, not having been mown since the end of April and this will be left until September - with Mr. HCB just cutting a path around the outside to make it easier to get to the border to hoe it when necessary.

It is far too hot to sit out in the garden, so once again, and having decided not to go to cricket today, Mr. HCB and I have been sitting underneath our solid carport for most of the morning.  However, before I got up, he did go out into the garden very early this morning and watered some of the plants.

Sadly, the passion flower on the right hand side of the arch is dead!  I pruned both of them in exactly the same way, this one died and the other one is doing well - they were given to us by a Blip friend, Angelique, several years ago, so have done well - but we need to find something else to take its place.

For the first time in our lives, we have tried cold soup for our lunch today - and it went down very well.  Mr. HCB even said that this particular soup which was broccoli and blue cheese, lent itself very well to being eaten cold!  I cooked some rolls in the air fryer so we enjoyed our lunch, but it was very hot in the conservatory, so it’s back out underneath the carport for the afternoon, where there is a cool breeze. 

Thankfully, neither Mr. HCB nor I have this phobia and we did use soup spoons - following proper etiquette!

A fear of dining with others. This often manifests as a fear of dinner parties and may stem from a fear of dinner conversations or having to carry out a conversation while eating. It may be related to an underlying social phobia. 

In many cases, deipnophobia is triggered by traumatic events from an individual’s past, such as being ridiculed as a child for the way they ate or for not following proper etiquette at the dinner table.

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