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By lozarithm

Semington (Wednesday 14th June 2023)

Shortly before Refna arrived for Woody Wednesday a new camera was delivered to me. I have replaced my Lumix LX100, which I bought in 2015, with its successor, the Lumix LX100 Mark 2 (in Extras in monochrome). It came from South Korea so the manual and the LCD display on the back of the camera were all in Asian characters, which presented a bit of a problem.

I was able after a bit of research to download a manual in English and then to change the language to English in camera settings. The first picture I took with it was of a stinking iris in the Woodland Garden that has begun to crossbreed with other irises in the garden so its petal tips are not that yellow ochre colour. Refna concentrated her work in the centre of the garden where it was relatively cool and shaded, but had to cycle home later in oppressive heat.

I drove Buzz over to the canal at Semington with the intention of testing the new camera, but I when I discovered this heron fishing on the bank opposite, it was beyond the range of the Lumix's 24-75mm Leica lens and so I photographed it using my Nikon Coolpix P900 at an equivalent of 600mm.

Friday 16.6.2023 (1255 hr)

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The Canal At Semington, 14 June 2023   (Flickr album of 10 photos)

Lozarithm's Lozarhythm Of The Day:
James Elkington - Make It Up (2017)
The current Uncut magazine has a cover disc that is themed around Nick Drake's influence on contemporary musicians, called Made To Love Magic. Playing it through on this day for the second time I found lots of acoustic fingerpicking guitars and acoustic basses that flowed very nicely. Standout tracks included those by Juni Habel, Jessica Pratt, Juana Molina and this opening track by James Elkington.

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