By AnnieBelle


I had an unexpected reaction to one or other or both my flu and covid shots yesterday and was laid up all day today, feeling quite ordinary. As a result there was no venturing out but there were two jonquils in bloom in the garden. The one in my main was snapped in the stem so it was perfect for cutting and putting in the matching vase to be photographed for flower Friday.

Re my blip from mono Monday: I returned to the place in daylight to photograph it for an extra. The neon light in the top left corner goes through 'Open', 'Welcome', 'Spring House', and a phone number. If you search Spring House, 46 Sydenham Road you will find out what it is. Note the broken window pane in the shape of Alfred Hitchcock's profile. Did I ever get strange looks while I was snapping! At least I didn't snap a customer.

Thanks for hosting BikerBear. Happy weekend to you all. 

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