Sports Day

It was Thoms school sports day today.
This year it was an all day event, but you didn't have to go along for the whole thing. I caught up with it late morning and saw Thom doing some of the potted sports (I saw no pots). His team were good and tried really hard at each station.
At the lunch break I stopped by Old Maiden Aunts to buy some more yarn to weave more scarves, and also to have a quick catch up.
Then this afternoon it was the races. Thom did brilliantly and tried his hardest and came 3rd last. He was really happy with this as he'd been coming last all week. We're a family of low achievers when it comes to sport.
He then had a birthday party after school and is rather tired now.
I've discovered through editing the photos that it's really hard to get a photo of sports day without someone in the background. I had some better pictures of him jumping, but this was one of the few I could properly use. Must remember this for next year.

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