... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Mezzanine Man

Better in large ("L").

I've posted a rather similar one to this quite recently (here), pre-D800: one of the reasons that I converted it to mono before was that the light had rather overwhelmed my camera, and I couldn't get it to look very natural in colour...

This is a different sort of shot in many ways though: first of all, it didn't overwhelm the camera. This sensor captures better dynamic range (although often it needs to be liberated by adjusting the tone curve... Perhaps I'm missing something "in camera"), and I really appreciated that in this setting.

I have not left this unadulterated though: the man's silhouette suggested something darker to me, so I've made the image look more low-key in Color Efex Pro.

As always, please do critique as I'd be interested to know whether this sort of treatment (not that I think it is v. extreme) is something that appeals to others, or whether I ought probably to stick to my usual clean/natural look.

p.s. The rather melancholy turtle is holding a sign that says "Extinction: Not the End of the World?": it is leading the way to a temporary exhibition. I'm yet to see it, but have heard good things...

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