The second half of life..

By twigs

Mixed day

M and I had planned on a ride today.   At 10.00 M arrived did the rain.  Rain went......we took our chance and headed off.  5 minutes in......rain, though not too much and, as it turned out, not for very long.  Carried on into town, stopped at Sublime for coffee then headed back. It was actually a really enjoyable ride despite the on again off again weather.  Rest of day included vege shopping, a trip to the milk machine and a little r n' r then, late in the afternoon, a trip to the supermarket.   It was here that I noticed the noise of the birds heading to roost in the carpark trees.  Soooo much birdy chattering and, as I looked up, I saw lots of little fluffy dots amongst the branches.   Click.   Blip done.  However........I decided to layer the pic with a fire shot (which is roaring tonight!) and rather liked the effect, so birds relegated to extras and layered semi-abstract promoted.

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